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What Can Our Property Management Professionals Do for You?

In a time where economic events often seem to be a bit rocky, it comes as a little surprise that many people are opting to seek out avenues of self-employment or alternative income to pad their household cash flow. Due to this, the rental market is seeing a massive surge of interest, with many people considering becoming rental entities for the first time. While it may seem as simple as listing your property, finding tenants, and collecting rent, there is a lot more that goes into the rental process. It can be, at times, a bit overwhelming and tiresome. That’s where the team at Local Dwelling comes in!

Reliable Property Management Experts and Professionals

What Local Dwelling Does

Servicing the Dallas, Texas area for more than thirty years, Local Dwelling is a leading property and rental management company providing its services to many property types, ranging from single-family homes and apartment complexes to more intricate arrangements like boutique apartment complexes, multi-family homes and duplexes, townhomes, and condominiums.

Reliable Property Management Experts and Professionals

As a team of industry professionals with the experience and know-how to get your properties out there and viewed by a wider audience, Local Dwelling opens new doors, creating opportunities for tenants who otherwise may have never been reached by your listings to interact and take an interest in your properties.

Let’s explore some of the finer details surrounding exactly what Local Dwelling does to help get your properties noticed and leased!

Reliable Property Management Experts and Professionals

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The Magic Touch

The property management professionals at Local Dwelling are trained and educated on the current market and trends that are likely to come according to reasonable projections. This allows our professionals to moderate your listings and curate them to exactly what clients and potential renters are looking for. Additionally, all of our management is done by licensed real estate agents who are up to date on the current regulations and requirements to get your listings up and running!

Whether you are looking to rent your property, buying for the first time, looking to simply add a new property to your portfolio, or are just having trouble selling your home or rental space outright, our magic touch can help get things moving to help you see real results and an influx of interests fast!

Reliable Property Management Experts and Professionals
Reliable Property Management Experts and Professionals

Our property management team will even host open houses within the local area, hand out flyers and brochures, and provide apartment locator services to bring clients right to your door! We even handle the tenant screening hassle, including the comprehensive background and credit checks to make sure they are a good fit for your space. We handle everything from the verification of income and reference checks to the lease preparation and deposit collection, saving you a lot of time, money, and effort in the process. As an all in one package, we are ready to do it all!

Our Leasing Services

If you are looking to lease out your property, the Local Dwelling team is ready to find a tenant for your space right now! Our property management experts are ready and waiting to begin our multi-faceted approach method and get everything underway.

When you choose Local Dwelling, you are choosing a team that will take a look at the market and provides you with a full, detailed market analysis for free to help ensure you are pricing your space at a competitive but fair range. Additionally, you will get free professional-grade photography of your space as an included piece of the leasing management package, too.

Your property will be listed across multiple platforms, including the Multiple Listing Service database and affiliated syndicate sites. We also post every listing we manage on our website to help garner even more traction and interest, too and post signage where applicable to draw in foot traffic.

Our Property Management Services

Once you have tenants in your space, our work does not have to stop. Even rental spaces that already have tenants can benefit from the skill and quality of work provided by Local Dwelling through our property management services. Let’s look at what exactly the monthly work entails and how you can benefit from considering our services on an ongoing basis.

For starters, we handle any rent and fee collection, delivering the money directly to you while meditating as needed. We also obtain any deposits, itemization request documents, and accounting paperwork that may need to be filed and keep it organized and ready for future reference to always ensure you are protected and ready to handle any situations that may arise.

Reliable Property Management Experts and Professionals
Reliable Property Management Experts and Professionals

Our comprehensive accounting and financial services extend beyond basic tenant care and collection, too! We also provide access and management of city rental registration data, coordinate city inspection times, keep records of your property data, and provide surveying of both the internal and external spaces of your property as needed.

If your tenants need repairs on their rental spaces, we will work to coordinate the repairs with no mark-ups for pricing. We also provide convenient and easy to use online portals for both tenants and landlords to keep everything connected and comfortable during the rental process. Monthly statements, 1099 forms, and anything else you may need from a documentation standpoint can also be obtained to help keep you organized and ready for anything your tenants may request, too!

Reliable Property Management Experts and Professionals

We also work with law enforcement to ensure the property is not damaged and that all eviction deadlines are met amicably, regardless of the terms of the eviction or events leading up to it. Our goal is to always foster a good relationship between your tenant and yourself but, if that is not possible, we are always ready to have your back and make sure your property is ready to host a new client that will perhaps mesh more seamlessly with your agreement, rules, and regulations.

Our team of professionals will file all required paperwork and offer free representation options in court to ensure you have a successful eviction. We will also set any necessary meetings with constables and coordinate on property visits with law enforcement to enforce the eviction, too, making a painful process much easier. We also prepare any documents about make-readies estimates and schedule any needed appointments and work pending your approval to get your property back on the market as soon as you are ready!

The Hard Stuff

Sometimes, even the best rental agreements fail. Evictions happen to even the best landlords and sometimes simply cannot be avoided. Regardless of the cause,  Local Dwelling’s team has your back in the event of any termination or issues with your renters. We handle the messy stuff so you can go about your life regularly without worrying about the ins and outs of processing an eviction or handling removals.

The eviction process can be lengthy and confusing, making for a very difficult process, especially if the tenant fights the removal. Still, we can make it a lot easier. We have all of the documentation on file needed to file for eviction and successfully navigate the courts, including monthly statements and any data on repairs or missed rent. This allows us to clarify exactly what happened and ensure the truth is heard based on facts should the case go to court.

Reliable Property Management Experts and Professionals

Going the Extra Mile

Aside from these basic procedures, we offer within our comprehensive program package, we also do have other details that can help make things even easier and even save you money in the long run. For starters, we do not charge any extra fees or costs on sourcing maintenance workers. You pay exactly what you would if you called them up yourself and not a penny more. We also set a limit for $250 per unit on maintenance to ensure you are not scammed or overpaying and reach out for approval for anything more expensive to make sure you are on board with the process and associated costs.

We also do not charge any extra fees for handling evictions and other such areas of lease management. We believe that it is simply part of the process sometimes and as much as we prefer to prevent evictions, what must be done simply must be done. We will handle the heavy lifting and get everything squared away as soon as possible to make sure your property is protected and ready to house a new tenant.

Reliable Property Management Experts and Professionals
Reliable Property Management Experts and Professionals

We also do not charge upfront or termination fees. We want to serve you and wish to make you so happy with our services that you do not want to discontinue them. Due to this, if you are unhappy and wish to leave, we will simply file the paperwork and send you off with good wishes. We stand by our process and believe that we are a powerful asset; our results speak for themselves and we do not feel the need to lock in clients when they are almost always content staying on their own.

We also do not charge fees for the months your properties are left vacant. Logically, if you are not making money from the unit, why should we? We only charge a percentage of the rent while space is occupied and do not change our rates or inflate costs. We are looking out for you and want to always provide the best services. If we are not working to manage the property, you are not paying us. We operate on a fair, equally beneficial basis!

Everything we do is to ensure you are safe and stable in your renting venture. We are always ready to work on new ways to help you connect with clients, manage your properties, or collect data, so if you have concerns or requests, feel free to reach out and we can try to work on a solution as soon as we can.

Reliable Property Management Experts and Professionals

Landlord to Tenant Connection

Aside from handling the ins and outs of managing your property, we also make an effort to ensure you can reach out to your clients if you need to check in with a concern, complaint notice, or other desired necessary contact. The client can also contact you through their part of the portal to report any issues and notify you of any questions or concerns they may have concerning the property, surrounding tenants, or other areas of life under your tenancy agreement.

The portal is easy to use and has all of your tools in one place to help you always know what is happening at any given time. You can also access your tenant information and share documents to aid in complimentary understanding and issue resolution. We strive to create a good relationship between you and your tenants by always mediating and looking for new ways to solve problems and keep things running smoothly. Our team is always here to protect your property and act in your best interest as needed.

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Reliable Property Management Experts and Professionals
You do not have to go through property management alone. We are here to support you and provide an entire team of expertly trained professionals to back your property and ensure everything goes smoothly. Rental management is a breeze with Local Dwelling on your side!

We Do It All

Regardless of your needs, we are here for you. From the smallest office filings to finding tenants and moving them in, we are ready to ensure your properties are protected and well managed. With affordable pricing and an overall multi-faceted and comprehensive approach to management, we are reinventing the property management game to provide the best possible results to our clients across the board. With Local Dwelling on your side, you never have to worry about your property or your tenants!

As a whole, we have experience and are rated with an A+ with the Better Business Bureau. We can provide references and details of past jobs. When you are working with us, you are not just working with an agent. You have a whole team of industry professionals behind you and are ready to help. Our goal is to preserve the value of your property and create a perfect system for your management needs at an affordable and fair cost. We are here to serve you! At Local Dwelling, we handle the hard stuff to make your life as a landlord easy and comfortable!
Reliable Property Management Experts and Professionals

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