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Local Dwelling is here to make your life as a landlord easier. We recognize that every investor is different and therefore has different needs, wants, and goals for their rental properties and management efforts. Whether you have one investment property or are working on building an empire, we guarantee that we will tailor our services and pricing to meet your needs, regardless of the spectrum of your property ownership. We are here to serve you and will always attempt to ensure you are completely satisfied to the best of our collective, professional abilities.

We Help you Achieve your Goals

Our primary focus is to help you achieve your goals while preserving the value of your property by documenting occurrences, keeping track of accounting, and handling all of the regular ins and outs of your property for you in an efficient and proven effective manner.

As one of the leading Dallas rental property management companies, we strive to always ensure our clients are happy and entirely satisfied with the work we provide in our property management packages. We use feedback to provide better services on an ongoing basis and approach each situation and client with real, human interaction to custom cater our actions to every single unit and problem-solving opportunity.

Due to this, we are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and can provide references upon request. We are the proud Property Management Company for Highland Park ISD and work with many amazing businesses and individuals within the Dallas, Texas area. With more than three decades of experience to guide us, we are confident we can handle any and all of your property management needs with ease and professionalism and offer competitive pricing compared to other local property management companies to ensure you are getting the best quality management at the best possible price.

Local Dwelling has a Team of Property Experts Ready and Willing to Help you

At Local Dwelling, you don’t just work with one person but a dedicated team ready and willing to assist you with any questions you may have. For our single rate, you get a broker, realtor, and entire secondary team of agents ready to help manage and moderate any situations you may encounter within your rental ownership venture. Additionally, your tenants also have the peace of mind of getting a live person 24 hours a day in the event of an emergency, as we always have trained professionals ready to answer their calls and handle anything they may need. Our staff is available anytime, any day to ensure no need goes unmet and no issue goes unresolved, providing the highest quality caliber of tenant relations possible.

Who wants to take calls in the middle of the night about a leaky toilet or broken air conditioner? We do. That’s why we’re here! We take the late-night, early morning, and mid-vacation calls so you can enjoy your time and have peace of mind while resting and relaxing.

Our response team is unmatched and provides quick, comprehensive service to your tenants, ensuring they are completely satisfied with the problem remediation process to the best of our abilities.

Local Dwelling Services

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We Will Handle It for you

For smaller repairs and maintenance, we will handle it directly without contacting you unless otherwise directed, taking the pressure and stress off of your shoulders for no additional fee. If the cost of the remediation exceeds $250, we will contact you for further direction on what steps are necessary to quickly fix the problem and permission to go ahead with the process. From there, we handle the scheduling, negotiations, and payment delivery from your account and provide you with any receipts or documentation to keep on file for future reference!

Local Dwelling Services
Local Dwelling Services

Our Dedication

With our team on your side, all you have to do is make the call on what needs to be done and we handle the rest! Our dedication to your tenants and their comfort is just part of why we are one of the best residential property management companies in the Dallas area but is certainly one of the most important facets of our management package, as it helps facilitate a strong landlord to tenant bond which makes the entire rental process significantly easier and much more peaceful.
Local Dwelling Services
You do not have to go through property management alone. We are here to support you and provide an entire team of expertly trained professionals to back your property and ensure everything goes smoothly. Rental management is a breeze with Local Dwelling on your side!

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