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Dallas Property Leasing Services

If you have a commercial or residential investment property that you want to make money out of to increase your monthly cash flow, you have come to the right place. Local Dwelling offers property leasing services in Dallas for both property owners and aspiring tenants who are looking for a property they can lease—whether it is for commercial or residential use.

We have been in the real estate business for over 30 years, and we have been connecting property owners to tenants, managing investment properties, and coming up with the most effective real estate solutions since we started—and we don’t intend to stop there.

Through the years and the constant changing of trends, we fine tuned our process and strategies to find the right market and most appropriate tenants for our clients’ properties.

Maximize Your Investment with our Property Leasing Services!

With our leasing service, you can maximize your investment property by leasing it at the highest market value.

In addition to the marketing strategies and tools we use to process our leasing service, part of our responsibilities is finding you the best tenants, creating listings on every possible rental site, and making sure you are making the most out of your investment.

And on top of all of that, we can manage your lease and be responsible for your day-to-day—allowing you to use your precious time to spend with your loved ones, focus on work, or focus on what you are truly passionate about.

Hiring our company to manage your lease will make your investment truly feel like passive income that can earn you financial freedom without doing the heavy lifting.

You can call us right now to learn more about how we can maximize your investment to its fullest potential!

Dallas Property Leasing Services
Dallas Property Leasing Services

How it Works

Leasing a property isn’t as simple as just a verbal exchange where a tenant will pay you monthly to use your property. It is so much more complicated than that. However, because our company has been serving Dallas and its real estate needs since 1989, we have developed a working system or process when it comes to leasing property.

Here is a quick explanation of how our process works, so you can have a better understanding of what it is we do:

Before we start marketing and pricing your property, we want to make sure that we can justify the price by inspecting every bit of it. To analyze the price and find the right market, we start by doing a comprehensive inspection of the premises. During this step, we will be evaluating and checking for necessary repairs before occupancy.

After evaluating the property, we can set a fair price. If there are repairs and improvements needed, we will let you know so that we can set a higher price for you based on the additional improvements you can make.

Once your property is ready for the next step, which is marketing, we will create listings, put up signage, and even list your property on third-party listing sites to broaden the reach. This step requires strategy and constant analysis of results to find the most appropriate tenants for your property. Part of our responsibilities is to produce high-quality images, virtual tours, and book showings of your property. We will also be responsible for responding to phone and web inquiries and setting up appointments for showings.

Finding a tenant might be simple, but finding the right tenant is quite challenging. When looking for a tenant, you want them to be responsible, can pay on time, and will not plan on doing any illegal activity on your property. Tenant screening is a crucial step in the process and cannot be executed by just anyone.

We have access to the best technological resources for tenant screening, which is how we can legally do criminal, credit, and eviction background checks that can ensure the most qualified tenants to rent your property. Aside from our technology, we also dive deep into potential tenants’ history by checking their credit and income and talking to former landlords and employers.

Now that we have found the right tenant for your property, the next step is recommended but optional. We can help manage your lease by managing day-to-day operations, rent collection, maintenance, and more.

Other Services We Offer

We don’t just offer lease management to property owners; we also have services for potential tenants looking for real estate for residential or commercial purposes. We have an extensive team of professionals that play a significant role in managing all your real estate needs. Here is a list of the services we provide property owners as well as buyers and tenants:

Dallas Property Leasing Services

Property management

Our company provides property management services for apartment buildings, home rentals, commercial buildings, and other investment properties. If you don’t have the time to take on all the stress of being a property manager, we can do it for you.

Our property management service includes rent collection, managing tenants and their needs, implementing regulations, doing regular maintenance, tenant background checks, and more.

Maintenance and repairs​

If you are looking to sell your home or lease it out to the next tenant, we can handle all the inspections and repairs for you. Tenants will expect everything to be working when they take a look at the place you are renting out or leasing—which is why we can handle these jobs and use our years of experience to maximize the value of your property through minor and sometimes major repairs.

Dallas Property Leasing Services
Dallas Property Leasing Services

Property listings

Our website offers home and property listings. Whether you are looking to lease or sell a property, we can get you an excellent deal. We understand the market, and we are always up to date with real estate trends and the market value of most Dallas properties, which is why we can set a price where both the buyer and seller are happy.

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Dallas Property Leasing Services

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