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Local Dwelling has been meeting the real estate needs of Dallas - Fort Worth since 1989.

Dallas has seen remarkable growth in the real estate sector as investors and developers are flooding the market with exceptional homes. This has positively impacted property management agencies as there are multiple units to be sold or rented out. However, it is sometimes challenging for landlords to manage a property alone. It’s equally difficult for potential tenants to get the exact property they want.

Dallas has many property management companies on the market, and you never really know which one is ideal for your needs. Fort Worth has several well-recognized companies with reputable portfolios. These top rental property management companies are well recognized because of the unique factors they possess.

Whether you are looking to buy, sell, lease or need property management services, our dedicated team is ready to assist you. Our licensed agents can help you determine pricing, make recommendations based on market trends, and answer any questions you may have.

We carefully handle every aspect of real estate sales, leasing and management for you and have established ourselves as one of the leading real estate firms in north Texas. Providing real estate services to single family homes, townhomes and condominiums throughout the DFW Metroplex, we maintain a strong reputation as north Texas’ premier real estate firm. Local Dwelling is a locally owned, organically grown real estate company servicing the entire DFW area. You can trust our team of experienced, highly-trained staff to find you’re a perfect property or get you the best return on your investment.

factors that separate Local Dwelling from the rest:

Local Dwelling ranks top in property management in Dallas, TX, since we are known to manage properties with the best market prices. These rental prices in question are comfortable for the tenants and ideal for the landlords.

We have multiple listings, and we ensure that there are many options available for tenants, which makes the success rate very high.

Everyone wants to work with us since we understand them and properly communicate information regarding the property.

Tenants choose Local Dwelling for our problem-solving skills as issues may arise, such as delayed payments, notices, complaints, and repairs & maintenance.

Local Dwelling manages properties in several surrounding areas. Tenants can always reach out to us even when they intend to move to a different location.


Why Choose Local Dwelling?

Local Dwelling is a company that provides expert property management services to both landlords and tenants. We have multiple quality homes in the local market and a great portfolio. But what makes us rank high among property management companies in Dallas, and why should you choose us?

We boast over three decades of experience in property management. We know what works and what doesn’t. We are also well updated on the trending market demands and what tenants are looking for. This goes for all tenants from prominent families, bachelors, young couples, and students.

We work with a brilliant team of experts specialized in their profession. You can get anything related to real estate from our professionals who ensure that everything runs smoothly and each customer is served to satisfaction.

We use the latest technology to check out the newly constructed properties, the ones under development, and the gems. We also use this modern tech to determine the best market rate for each document and run the entire management. This involves systems for registering all our quality tenants and property owners for easy communication.

We are a certified company, having met all the required legal qualifications to practice property management. We also provide our landlord with reasonable commission rates. Local Dwelling is also recognized for the quality lease agreement documents that bind us to the tenants.

Local Dwelling has multiple properties under its belt. We manage farms/ranches, condos/townhouses, single-family homes, and commercial properties. We also list homes for sale and vacation/timeshare properties.

Our team is equipped with excellent customer service skills, as you can always reach out to us and get assistance in all matters of property management. We are accessible via email or direct call. You can also visit our offices for further consultation to get help.

Need Help Managing Your Apartment, Rental Properties In Dallas?

Some landlords prefer to manage their properties, but countless others have testified how important is to hire a property management company. Do you need to hire a us to manage your properties? You’ll get the best rental property management services from Local Dwelling.

We will ensure that your property is always occupied, and the investment will be worth it. We will also give you great deals and reasonable rates since we know what sells and what different groups of tenants are suited for your property.

An essential step in property management is tenant screening. We are equipped with the right technology and access to ensure we screen through all interested tenants to see how reliable they can be. We will only go for the ones that can pay the rent, have no criminal records, and with a lifestyle that’ll be in sync with the environment.

You’d want to hire a property management company with the proper connection to companies or with sister companies specializing in repairs and maintenance. Local Dwelling will ensure that all needed repairs and maintenance are done and that your property is always in good shape. We will keep it highly-priced on the market over time.

A good property management company will help you resolve disputes among tenants or between you and the tenants. We will ensure that you won’t have to go back and forth tracking for delayed payments or have someone knocking on your door because their neighbor plays loud music. Local Dwelling will perfectly handle such matters.

You need to pay your taxes and rates as per the legal requirements. Our team has an accountant and legal advisor who will keep you in check with all your due payments.


Leave the work to us! Our experts will handle everything for you. Answer a few quick questions and we will get to work.

Expert Property Management

Although some tenants are understanding, not all tenants are the same. We will help relieve you from the stress and hassle involved with managing one or more properties such as communicating with your tenants, answering their concerns, updating new contract terms as needed, and scheduling reputable contractors for on-going maintenance requests. By hiring our team of professionals, we will ensure that everything is running smoothly and your investment is generating the expected return. Allow us to take the responsibility off your shoulders by handling all of the nuances involved with property management so you can focus on other things. Leave it to our experts to maximize the return on your investment and take the extra work of your plate.

Managing tenants is a tough job, and that is where we come in. Problems will arise and we are here to solve those problems for you. Moreover, we are well versed in local property management laws and can help you through any concerns that arise. With continued compliance policies and your best interest at hand, Local Dwelling will draft the best lease documents for your tenants. This will ensure that you are well protected. We will also simultaneously facilitate collecting rental payments.

You also get to enjoy the best rates for your property, and we also offer free advice on what to work on to increase the rental fees or to get better rates on other projects in your pipeline. Local Dwelling will ensure that all your property management duties are attended to, giving you good returns. We also link up our landlords to create a network where they can share ideas and connect to do projects together.

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