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Dallas Apartment Management Services

Deciding whether or not to use an apartment management company is difficult for many real estate investors. While some would rather do it themselves, others would prefer to invest in real estate with the appropriate guidance. Regardless, there are several reasons why real estate investors use the services of an apartment management company.

Who we are

Local Dwelling has been meeting the real estate needs of Dallas – Fort Worth since 1989. We provide our services throughout the DFW metroplex, and we maintain a great status as north Texas’ premier real estate firm. Local Dwelling is a locally owned, homegrown real estate company servicing the entire DFW area. You can trust our team of experienced, highly-trained staff to find you the perfect property or get you the best return on your investment. 

In addition, our licensed agents can help you determine a price and suggest recommendations based on current trends. As each of our investors may have varying targets, we provide personalized arrangements for them. From leasing, screening tenants, and rent collection to maintenance, we can handle everything to completion.

Our Services

As your licensed representative, we prepare, review, and execute all necessary lease forms. We register each property with the city based on city requirements and will coordinate any city-required inspections on your behalf. We also provide any information needed to the tenants about the rules and regulations if your property falls within a homeowner association.

As your licensed representative, we prepare, review, and execute all necessary lease forms. We register each property with the city based on city requirements and will coordinate any city-required inspections on your behalf. We also provide any information needed to the tenants about the rules and regulations if your property falls within a homeowner association.

We simplify the rent collection process by setting you up to receive direct deposits straight to your bank account. We also notify you through our online systems every month when rent is received.

Local Dwelling provides year-end tax statements, monthly statements, security deposit itemization reports, copies of invoices, and online access to your portal so you can view your account 24/7. We prioritize organization and ease to make your life easier.

We provide a 24-hour, on-call answering service for late-night emergencies. We completely shoulder the burden of handling maintenance issues. We also coordinate with a vast network of local vendors to offer competitive pricing. If you have a home warranty, we will work with them and your insurance carrier if you ever have to file an insurance claim.

We collect security and pet deposits based on each landlord’s requirements. Our staff inspects the property and takes a photograph of the interior and exterior to note any damage when a tenant vacates. If there is any, an estimate for repairs or damage will be created. We work directly with each landlord to determine what percentage of the deposit should be refunded, charged, or withheld. We will provide a statement and itemization to the last known address provided by the tenant within 30 days of their vacate date. Timing is essential regarding security deposit itemization, and our team will be there with you every step to ensure that you stay compliant with local and state requirements.

Our online portal system is user-friendly, allowing easy communication so residents and owners can contact our team, review statements, and see invoices. Tenants can also view their lease, submit maintenance requests, update payment preferences, and contact us directly. All conversations are documented for easy tracking and subsequent replies. We take communication seriously because it is key to a successful relationship.

What Does an Apartment Management Company Do?

An apartment management company assists property owners in taking care of and renting out their apartments. If you are an apartment owner renting or considering renting out your property in Dallas, you will need to find the best service provider that suits your needs while considering the costs and benefits.

Luckily for you, Local Dwelling ranks top in property management in Dallas, TX, because we are reputable for top-quality management with the best market price in the industry.

Local Dwelling takes on the day-to-day operations of maintaining an apartment. Those tasks include:

Finding Quality Renters

Marketing an apartment, screening leads, interviewing candidates, and signing renters are all services provided by an apartment management company. Our years of experience at Local Dwelling have given us the knowledge to price rental properties appropriately and target the ideal tenant through targeted marketing.

As a result, we ensure that your property is always occupied and that the investment is worth it. We also provide standard Tenant Verification Services where each applicant must meet the landlord rental criteria, and we do our best to screen each applicant thoroughly.

Allowing an apartment management company to take on the responsibility of sourcing tenants can ensure that more reliable and responsible renters move into your apartment. Local Dwelling also gives you the best deals and friendly rates since we considerably understand the groups of tenants best suited for your property.

Administrative Tasks

One of the most critical roles of an apartment manager is to keep track of all documents related to your apartment. While this may sound simple, keeping track and having all of your paperwork in order can be both time-consuming and confusing.

Local Dwelling uses the latest technologies to track all your records. From background checks, credit checks, and leases, to expense reports, pet addendums, and maintenance requests. We keep all of your files organized and easily accessible for future reference.

Repairs and Maintenance

There’s certainly no end to what can go wrong with a rental property. At Local Dwelling, issues ranging from water leaks, drainage issues, clogged toilets, and leaky faucets to electrical system repairs are met with a rapid and coordinated response.

Apartment management companies frequently have a dedicated list of maintenance vendors that they rely on who respond quickly to maintenance calls. This takes the guesswork out of sourcing and hiring plumbers, electricians, and so on for your apartment.

In addition, we offer a 24-hour, on-call answering service for late-hours emergencies. We take the burden of handling all maintenance issues as we understand that ensuring your tenants feel listened to and taken care of is the easiest way to keep your investment rented and profitable. 

Why You Need Our Services

It is no debate that personally managing your apartment(s) can be overwhelming quite quickly. While it most certainly is an option, several situations would make employing the services of an apartment management company a much better decision.


The single greatest benefit investors have when engaging the services of an apartment management company is time. By employing the expertise of a good apartment management company, investors won’t be forced to manage the property themselves as they will be free to take on other responsibilities. This coverage provided by Local Dwelling can help most investors find and acquire more rental properties to add to their portfolios. 

Mitigate Liability

Another benefit is the buffer from liability a good apartment management company adds to an inexperienced investor’s portfolio. It can be easy for opportunistic tenants to make false accusations about rent collection tactics, illegal eviction practices, and negligent maintenance. Our record-keeping system and legal coverage make it possible to deflect many of the false claims charged in an investor’s direction.

Quality Tenants

Apartment management companies manage properties for a living; it’s what they are good at. As a result, the best of them have learned what to look for in a good tenant. At Local Dwelling, our years of experience have equipped us with expertise in finding quality tenants. We have a thorough Tenant Background Service which helps increase the quality of the tenants we acquire for a property, which is excellent news for landlords. The better the tenant, the better the experience will be for owners.

Shorter Vacancies

Not only will an apartment management company advertise to fill vacancies, but it will also do so with a sense of urgency and efficiency. Compared to traditional landlords who try to take up all of these responsibilities themselves, our marketing skills will ensure that your property is always occupied. This efficiency will significantly shorten the length of vacancies. Meanwhile, landlords can increase profits annually by keeping the asset in excellent service. We boast over three decades of experience in property management. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we are well-updated on the trending market demands, which helps us understand what tenants are looking for.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Working with a good apartment management company will give investors access to their network of professional contractors. In addition, the contacts the property manager already has in place will work in your favor and save on maintenance costs. Since Local Dwelling has been meeting the real estate demands of Dallas since 1989, our chain of networks runs deep and wide. Not only that, but the contractors will also come up with a recommendation, which is invaluable.

Better Reviews 

Research has shown that tenants prefer working with property management companies, as the process is better than dealing directly with landlords. Subsequently, renters are more likely to leave a good review when they vacate the premises. In addition, those same reviews will drive more traffic to the home when the time comes to find another tenant.

Legal Matters

Apartment managers are well-versed in local, state, and national tenant and property owner rights laws. If a tenant violates the terms of their lease, damages the property, or otherwise misuses the apartment, having a property manager on hand to handle the legalities is a life-saver. Additionally, should you ever have a legal issue with a tenant that needs to be resolved, Local Dwelling has the skill level and experience necessary to handle the situation quickly and professionally.

Need an apartment manager in Dallas, TX? Look no further than Local Dwelling. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell your home or are in the market to lease, Local Dwelling has got you covered.

Apartment Management Services
You do not have to go through property management alone. We are here to support you and provide an entire team of expertly trained professionals to back your property and ensure everything goes smoothly. Rental management is a breeze with Local Dwelling on your side!

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